Rhino Capsules

Low & Medium viscosity materials

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Rhino Capsules
Packing PU
100 pieces

Transcodent® Rhino Capsules® are suitable for the patient-individual application of pastes and low viscous materials - especially light-curing flowable composites, material for temporary filling and dental therapeutic agents like Solcoseryl®

Rhino Capsules


  • Light-safe orange ( transparent )
  • ~ 0,17ml filling volume- Strong resin for a safe application
  • Easy to Apply!
  • Optimized inner geometry for an improved application
  • Suitable for low viscous pastes and light-activated materials
  • Hygienic single-use
  • High percentual yield
  • Fit to all common Composite-Guns / Applicators
  • Conical opening for easy filling


Rhino Capsules Colour Packaging Transcodent REF
Low & Medium viscosity orange lightsafe 100 pcs. FS0000510

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