Suction Needles, single use

Luer Lock

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Suction Needles, single use
Packing PU
100 pieces

The Transcodent Suction Needles are suitable for the direct suction in areas that are difficult to access, e.g. during endodontic or surgical interventions. The annealed cannula is easy to bend. 

Recommended for use with Transcodent Luer Lock Handpiece, this system provides good visibility and precise suction.

Suction Needles, single use


  • Luer Lock thread
  •  Annealed steel 
  • Rounded tips
  • Free of burrs
  • Easy to bend
  • Packaged in blisters
Dimensions (Gauge) Dimensions (mm) Hub colour Article No. Transcodent
14G 2,1 x 39 green 6480
16G 1,6 x 39 white 6481
18G 1,2 x 39 pink 6482
20G 0,9 x 39 yellow 6483