Needle Capsules

Flowable & Bulk Fill Unit Dose

  • Capsule Gun
Needle Capsules
black, grey, purple
Needle Capsules


  • Filling quantity: ~0.250 mg
  • Height: 29.5 mm
  • Capsule diameter: Ø 7.90 mm
  • Needle Tube: 0.9mm (20G)
  • Standard colours: black, grey
  • Customized colours: - available -
  • Cap colours: black, red, white, grey
  • Customized cap colours: - available-
  • Printing: Logo, product name,LOT/EXP, shade code
  • Contract filling: Feel free to send us your inquiry


  • Precise application
  • Good visibility of the cavity
  • Easy to bend metal tube
  • Lightsafe
  • For easy usage with composite guns / dispenser
  • Low extrusion forces
  • For usage with low viscosity materials like Flowables & Bulk Fill filling materials
  • Excellent cap-fit
Needle Capsules Colour Package REF No. Transcodent
Low Viscosity black 10,000 pcs. FC0000400

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