Colour Code Caps

for 1 ml Luer Lock dental syringes

Colour Code Caps
Packing PU
6,000 pieces

The Colour Code Caps are suitable for Transcodent 1 ml Luer Lock Syringe - plungers. The color of the caps coordinate with the syringes composite tooth shade.

Colour Code Caps


  • Unsterile
  • Bulk
Code Cap Colour Article No.
A1 ivory FU0000104
A2 ivory FU0000103
A3 ivory FU0000101
A3,5 ivory FU0000105
A4 ivory FU0000106
B1 yellow FU0000109
B2 yellow FU0000108
B3 yellow FU0000107
C2 grey FU0000110
C3 grey FU0000111
D3 beige FU0000116
LI white FU0000112
OP white FU0000113
LO white FU0000114
Blanko white FU0000115