Painless Steel®

Injection Needles, imperial thread

  • Painless Steel
  • 3-Kant-Lanzettenschliff
  • Anschliffmarkierung
  • Präzise Sockelverklebung
Painless Steel<sup>®</sup>

This product is available in North-America only.


Painless Steel® Dental Injection needles are premium needles designed to give you all the features you demand for patient comfort and convenience.

Painless Steel® Injection Needles are available in six different sizes: 25G short / long, 27G short/ long and 30 G short/ x-short.


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    • Ultra sharp and siliconized needle

      slides smoothly into tissue: More

      patient comfort through less pain

      during injection

    • No more worry about the direction of

      deflection because of the bevel mark

    • Threaded hub secures safe fit on the

      syringe and easy handling for

      Hygienists and Dentists.

    • Improved patient safety through

      Ethylene Oxide sterilization

    • Precise base bluing ensures a secure

      and accurate fit of the canula