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Explore our high quality products for Anesthetics, Endodontics, Paste- and Micro application.


Endo Irrigation Needles

Sterile Irrigation Probes with two side vents for an effective root canal cleaning.



Use the new Appliquator to apply bonding agents, gels and liquids precisely without loosing fibers.

Available in 2 sizes.



The Transcodent GmbH & Co. KG started at the 1st of September 2008 as spin-off of the former "business unit dental" of  Transcoject GmbH&Co. KG. 

As an independent company with the new trademark Transcodent©, we will place our focus on dental–products to meet the needs of our partners in the dental industry and dental trade even better.

We will combine the expertise of 40 years of development, design and production of injection molded products with the advantages of independence to continue being a success factor for the products and services of our customers.

Company building in Kiel

Whether sterile syringes, injection needles or sophisticated individual application systems, we develop and manufacture products that satisfy dentists and patients all over the world.

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